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Many believe that leaves produce food for their living to live longer and transport food to different parts of the tree and plants. This process of making foods on their own is called photosynthesis. We commonly know that the product of this process is the glucose or sugar for some other people. It is from the carbon dioxide that they have collected and the sunlight that is coming and lastly the water that the roots absorb from the soil. There are many things that you need to know about photosynthesis that you might not believe and sound strange to you. You can check more of this to this website tree trimming Cincinnati. You will be amazed of the products and even the components need to make one in this process.

1. For most of the people, we always believe and know that glucose is the food of the plants only. But more than that it has an important role to the plants and it gives more benefit to them. It has also another function like to make the building block for the glucose which is the starch product. It will serve as the place for storing more energy and to make more structures in the future for plants and trees.

2. One of the components in order to produce the process of photosynthesis is the one making the leaves of the plants green which is the chlorophyll. The more chlorophyll they have the greener the leaves of the plants. It helps to get more sun energy from the sun to help in producing glucose by combing with CO2 and H2O. The red and color blue waves of light will give a total reaction of green as a result.

3. The less the chlorophyll being used and absorb the possible of having different colors that we can see from the leaves of the tree. This is the main reason why for some countries with four seasons, there would be an autumn day where you can see different colors of the leaves. This is due to the less sunlight energy is being absorb as autumn is the preparation season for the coming winter.

4. People are often confused about the difference between the cellular type of respiration in the plants and the process of photosynthesis that is also happening in the plants. Both could give and benefits from the energy that they are creating but there could be a big difference from the two which is the component in making them. For example, in the cellular process, it needs to have sugar and the oxygen in order to result of releasing of energy and other components. Unlike for photosynthesis process, it needs carbon dioxide and sugar as well and even oxygen.

5. Kids would answer that the plant is the only living thing in this world which can make under the process of photosynthesis. But that is not real and true because there could be other living creature that could do that. For example, the algae and other cyanobacteria and of course the protists.

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